Download HUPlayer

Haihaisoft HUPlayer 11/08/2018

Windows Requirements: 32/64 bit of XP, Vista, Win 7/8.1, Win10, Windows 2003/2008


Is there a problem on the play?HUPlayer test version download

Haihaisoft HUPlayer For Android 05/16/2019

Requires Android 2.3 or later, with ARMv7 Processor.


Haihaisoft HUPlayer For Mac 09/04/2017

Mac Requirements: Mountain Lion (10.8 - 10.13, with 64-bit CPU)


Haihaisoft HUPlayer For iOS

1.6.1v 09/05/2017

Requires iOS 7.0 or later.


Latest Updates

Fix some bugs; Support full screen phones. (Android) (Updated on May 16,2019)

Solved the bug: In a few PC play protected media crash after 2 seconds. (Windows) (Updated on Nov 01,2017)

Fixed bug: After you lock screen, audio can still playback. (Android) (Updated on Jun 22,2017)

1.Update signature for HUPlayer for android. Please uninstall HUPlayer before install. Support multiple languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.(Updated on Dec 28,2015)

Solved offline playing crash problem on Mac 10.11 (El Capitan) system. (Updated on Nov 20,2015)

Solve crash problem during Extend screen playback. (Updated on Apr 22,2015)

Improved watermark text size (HUPlayer For Mac). (Updated on Jun 17,2013)

New DRM feature support disable VMWare & Microsoft Virtual PC. (Updated on Apr 06,2012)

New session feature, enable non-IE browser check if user has login to website.(Updated on Oct 18,2011)